Planting a Fruit Tree


My hope to build a backyard orchard is slowly happening. I happened to find 12.99$ Fruit trees at Kroger! They had pears, apples, plums, figs, and more. However they were dormant so it was hard to picture what they looked like.

Even thought I was hesitant, I ended up buying 4 trees. Two plums, one nectarine, and a apricot tree. The plums needed a buddy since they’re not self pollinated but the apricots and nectarines were.

These trees were root stalks. I’ve never heard of them so I did a little digging and found out they were trees mass planted and dug up. They were shipping dormant with no leaves. They looked like plain sticks but they were still alive. I made sure to follow the planning instructions attached to the stalk. A few weeks later…my tree had buds and another week after that I saw leaves!
If you ever see those bare trees (dormant) don’t pass on them! They’re cheaper than the potted ones.

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